Marking in the food industry

Latest video from the "REA Marking Professionals": how to print important information onto primary and secondary packaging of food products

Mühltal, June 15, 2021 - Quality, safety and traceability are essential in the food industry. How industrial coding and marking systems contribute to this is explained by the " Marking Professionals" of REA Elektronik GmbH in their latest video of the series "Marking Professionals on Site": Episode 6 is online as of today.

Sustainability is a huge priority at P. Brändle GmbH. "Nothing goes to waste here and they work highly efficient - that's what we like," says REA marking professional Daniel Wege (Business Development Manager) about the company based in Empfingen, Baden-Württemberg, which is best known for its high-quality rapeseed and sunflower oils from its own production. His colleague Frank Debusmann (Sales Director national Coding and Marking Systems) adds: "Equally efficient is the complete traceability of the products - from the raw material to the finished product, everything can be tracked here. And marking plays a very important role in this."

The audience discovers exactly which ones as they walk through the company with the Marking Professionals and Christian Plocher from Project and Process Management at Brändle. Accompanied by the snazzy melody already familiar to fans of the video series, they see how rapeseed is turned into oil, how it is filled into bottles made of light-protective glass, and how the REA JET SC 2.0 Small Character Inkjet Printer marks the primary packaging - more precisely: the plastic lid of the oil bottle - with the best-before date and batch number. At the end of the production line, they follow how the bottles are packed into cardboard boxes and the REA JET GK 2.0 piezo based Coding and Marking System prints this secondary packaging: with the description of the goods, article number, EAN code, storage advice and the customer's address. What else is important and what matters - just watch the video yourself.

Twelve episodes are planned for the first season of "REA Marking Professionals on Site", which will go online on the REA website on the 15th of each month. So it will be interesting to see which topic Daniel Wege and Frank Debusmann and their camera team will take a closer look at on July 15.


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