Standardization and Associations

GS1, DIN and ISO

Associations and organizations define specifications for the use of barcodes and matrix codes for different purposes for the respective application field or industrial sector. 

REA VERIFIER's memberships promote the joint dissemination of standards on the market and contribute to their implementation. In this way, we receive up-to-date information at all times and continually update our expertise and knowledge of your markets and their development. 

REA VERIFIER is represented in the following associations and organizations: 

GS1 - Global Standards One

Open, cross-industry, globally valid standards connect companies and facilitate communication along the entire value chain or the identification of items. GS1 accompanies the development and implementation of standards. On this basis GS1 also develops process and application recommendations.

REA VERIFIER is not only a GS1 Solution Provider but also a member of the AutoID section. The focus of this section is on the preparation, elaboration and further development of technical specifications of GS1 Germany GmbH. The AutoID section advises on technical issues relating to all aspects of automatic identification, in particular bar coding. The tasks include the regular review of specifications, monitoring of market developments and standardization as well as the development of solution concepts.

DIN - German Institute for Standardization and
ISO - International Organization for Standardization

The German Institute for Standardization e. V. (DIN) as a partner in business, research and society contributes significantly to the development of market-ready innovations and opening up future fields such as Industry 4.0. As an independent platform for standardization and normalization, DIN represents German interests in international standardization at ISO (International Organization for Standardization). ISO is a global network of the world's leading standard organizations that bring together national standards committees from around the world. 

REA VERIFIER as a member of the standards committee brings expertise and experience from trade and industry to the standardization process. The results are market-driven norms and standards that promote global trade and industry and serve, for example, quality assurance or communication. 

Experts from the REA VERIFIER division are actively involved in the "Automatic identification and data collection procedures" working committee. The Working Committee is concerned with optical and radio frequency (RFID) identification techniques, including the standardization of technologies, syntax, semantics, authentication, encryption and coding of data, including their use and test methods. 

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