REA VeriMax Mobile

Matrix Code Verification Systems

The REA VeriMax Mobile is a mobile, offline code verification system for 1D and 2D codes. With its handy size of 12x12 cm and the possibility to mount a tablet PC directly on the cube, it can be used wherever it is needed - production, laboratory, incoming goods or quality assurance. It checks 1D/2D codes for their readability and content accuracy directly on site - of course in accordance with norms, ISO standards, legal quality and user specifications. 

The REA VeriMax Mobile is therefore ideal for measuring random samples. The accurate and reproducible measurement results and quality assessments ultimately reduce errors and cut costs. This is because the results of the measurement serve as the basis for optimizing the print quality of the codes. The measured values themselves can be read and managed by the REA VeriMax Mobile software application, which is touchscreen-optimized. 



Product Details

  • Modern, offline 2D matrix code and 1D barcode verification system
  • Mobile and flexible use with connection to touch screen optimized tablet PC
  • Removable top cover plate with replaceable glass plate
  • Code verification by CMOS camera system
  • Measurement of optical codes with defined angles, distances and illumination (ISO standard complient)
  • Darkened measuring chamber to avoid ambient light influences
  • Code verification by a CMOS camera system
  • Measurement of optical codes with defined angles, distances and illuminations (ISO standard-compliant)
  • Darkened measuring chamber to avoid ambient light influences
  • Verification according to ISO/IEC 15415 for printed matrix codes and ISO/IEC 15416 for printed bar codes
  • Verification according to ISO/IEC 29158 (formerly AIM DPM guideline 2006)
  • Verification in compliance with GS1specifications 
  • Verification of optional parameters to optimize the print process
  • ISO/IEC 15418 / ANS MH10.8.2 Data structure analysis
  • Removable top cover plate with replaceable glass plate


  • Measurement accuracy compliance to ISO/IEC 15426-2 and ISO/IEC 15426-1
  • REA VeriMax Mobile software for Windows included 
  • Housing milled from solid aluminum
  • Protection class IP54
  • Red light-LED 660 nm
  • Illumination angle 45°
  • Status LED
  • Power supply via USB port
  • One button at device to start measurement
  • Camera resolution 2054 x 1542 pixel
  • Camera focus and aperture pre-adjusted by factory
  • Depth of field up to +2mm
  • Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 120 mm (w/l/h) with buttons 126 mm
  • Weight: 1560 g
  • Windows 10 and later, 64-bit
  • ISO/IEC 15423 : Please note that this performance standard is valid for barcode and matrix codes scanners only. It does not apply to optical measuring instruments like the REA Verifier product range. For Verifiers ISO/IEC 15426-x are the appicable performance standards.
  • ISO/IEC 15419: Please note that this performance standard is valid for barcode and matrix codes labeling and code generation software as well as for printers printing QR-Codes, Data Matrix Codes and Barcodes.

2D Matrix Codes: 

  • ISO/IEC 16022 Data Matrix
  • ISO/IEC 18004 QR-Code
  • ISO/IEC 24778 Aztec Code
  • ISO/IEC 20830 Han Xin Code
  • AIM ISS DotCode
  • ISO/IEC 15438 PDF417
  • ISO/IEC 24728 MicroPDF417

1D Barcodes: 

  • ISO/IEC 24723 Composite Code
  • ISO/IEC 15420 EAN/UPC (EAN-13, EAN-A, UPC-A, UPC-E und Add-On)
  • ISO/IEC 15417 Code 128
  • ISO/IEC 16388 Code 39 (mit PZN und Code 32)
  • ISO/IEC 16390 Interleaved 2 of 5 einschließlich ITF-14
  • ISO/IEC 24724 GS1 DataBar

Optional Codes:

  • 2/5 3 Bars, 2/5 5 Bars, 2/5 IATA, 2/5 Baggage, 2/5 DHL Express (Frachtpost-Code), Code39 Full ASCII, Code93, MSI, Plessey, Codabar Monarch (18), LAETUS Pharmacode, LAETUS Mini Pharma Code, Russian Crypto Code, China Drug Supervision Code, Japan CVS payment Code, UPU-S10 Postal Codes, DPD Parcel Service

Data structures and code properties:

  • GS1 data structures: GS1 DataMatrix, GS1 QR-Code, GS1-128, GS1 Databar, GS1 Composite Code), Crypto Code (GS1 General Specifications)
  • ISO data structures: ISO/IEC 15418 / ANSI MH10.8.2, ISO/IEC 15459 (part 1 to 8), ISO/IEC 15434 used by Issuing agencies and associations: AIAG, Odette, VDA, EDIFICE, HIBC, DOD, UPU, JEISA, JEITA, IFA …)
  • ISO 28219, ISO 22742, ISO 15394
  • EFPIA and PPN support for pharmaceutical industry (delegated Act EU 2016/161 and UDI/MDR 2017/745, 2017/746, US DSCSA, Turkey and more, US GUDID alignment (UDI)
  • DOD MilStd 130 IUID support, AIT (German Armed Forces)
  • Check digit control settings
  • Size control settings
  • Customizable date verification
  • Optional database (item number verification)
  • IKEA Data Matrix Code and IKEA interleaved 2 of 5 Code


  • ISO/IEC 15416 for barcodes, ISO/IEC 15415 for 2D Codes
  • ISO/IEC 29158 and SAE AS 9132 for DPM
  • GB/T 14258 (China barcode), ANSI X3.182

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