REA Check ER

Barcode Verification Systems

The REA Check ER is a portable, battery powered barcode verifier. Its manufactures in conformity with international standards in Germany.

The REA Check ER is a combination of a very small device which includes the powerful and comfort features of the REA VERIFIER product line. The small size and solid state construction makes this device a perfecr tool for portable barcode verification. 

The final result "Pass" or "Fail" is the central aprt of the verification report. The still quick available details allow a fast deeper analysis.


    Product Details

    • Built-in battery for portable operation
    • Cable free in portable operation
    • Large color display
    • Built-in memory for up to 1000 reports
    • USB interface to connect portable printer
    • Reliable ethernet communication for PC interface
    • DHCP automatic network configuration
    • Barcode verification according to ISO/IEC 15416 or ANSI X3.182
    • Simple configuration for different demands like incoming goods control or print process control
    • Saving of complete configuration as settings profile
    • Setting profiles can be exported and imported. This allows to share settings and save them on a PC.
    • Pass/fail setting for grade preset A/4, B/3, C/2 or D/1
    • Automatic averaging of scans starting with 2 and up to 10 scans
    • Auto discriminiation of all major bar code symbologies
    • Automatic size and check digit control
    • Light margin inspection in extended areas
    • Ratio verification for two bar width symblogies like
    • Code 39 and 2/5 interleaved
    • Verification according GS1 General Specifications for retail codes
    • Included GS1-128 Data structure verification for GS1-128 and GS1-Databar codes
    • Colored LED‘s for quick pass/fail indication and operation status
    • Multi language user interface and verification reports
    • Simple software udate via network or USB Memory stick
    • PC operation does not require driver installations
    • Measuring accuracy in conformance with ISO/IEC 15426-1
    • Powered by 32bit ARM 9 CPU technology, built non volatile flash memory
    • Operating System: Embedded Linux
    • LED red light illumination, 660 nm, 45°
    • Measuring width 75 mm (including light margins)
    • Aperture: 5, 6, 8 and 10 mil ((this is 0,125, 0,15, 0,2 or 0,25 mm)
    • Metric measuring accuracy: +/-5 % for average bar deviation, +/-10 % for extreme bar deviation; contrast accuracy: +/-8 %
    • Interfaces: – RJ45 Ethernet socket for network or PC connection (standard TCP/IP) – USB 2.0 socket for portable printer connection and USB Memory stick connection
    • Large color display and 12 keys for direct local operation and graphical report visualisation
    • Power supply: Built-in LithiumIon battery pack and over „Power Over Ethernet“ power supply (100 to 240 Volt, 50/60 Hz, C13 socket for standard power cords (UK, US, EUR), two Ethernet CAT5 flexible patch cables included (3 m lenght). Ethernet cables up to 100 m lenght can be used.
    • Size (L x B x H): 222 x 85 x 95 mm
    • Weight: 660 g
    • The Verifier is adjusted by the manufacturer. A new adjustement and calibration can be done by the user by the aid of the suppied calibration card. Test equipment monitoring is a monthly task done by the device user.
    • TransWin32 can be used after enabling the option by an access code. This program allows a full remote confi guration of the verifi er. It shows, saves and print reports.
    • System Requirement: PC with Windows 7 oder later
    • EAN-13
    • UPC-A
    • UPC-E with/without ADD-ON
    • EAN-8
    • 2/5 Interleaved with/without check digit
    • ITF-14
    • Freight code
    • Code 39 with/without check digit
    • PZN-Code
    • Code 32
    • Code 128
    • GS1-128 with/without content verification
    • GS1 Databar (limited, stacked, expanded, expanded stacked, truncated, omnidirectional)

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