Code Verification Systems for industry and trade

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For the machine readability of 1D and 2D codes, the print quality and the correct structure of the codes are decisive.

REA VERIFIER code verification systems determine whether the marking complies with the specified standard. In addition, content information for manufacturers and customers can also be checked. 

Stationary measuring instruments are available for production and mobile ones for quick on-site inspection.

Product Overview

Barcode Verification Systems

Code. Quality. Verification.

REA VERIFIER Systems verifying the optimal readability and the correct layout of barcodes. Either according to the international norms or the basis of user-specific requirements.


Matrix Code Verification Systems

Automatic identification

Matrix Code Verifiers are optical measuring instruments for the measurement of 2D codes. The results are always constant due to the constant measuring conditions, such as measuring distance, illumination or sensor angle.



Optional software extensions

REA VERIFIER offers professional software for collecting, evaluating and archiving verification reports, software solutions for code analysis as well as software for data structures and database queries.  


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