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Matrix codes enable the comprehensive and seamless traceability of goods, which turns out as significant advantage considering everyday product recalls across all industries. Whether salmonella in food, contaminated cosmetics or poor components: defective products can harm consumers, cause losses of image as well as massive economic losses. Using the 2D code, each individual article can be localized globally. Based on the specific serial number, producers and consumers can clearly identify articles if required. That represents a perfect tool for determining whether the article is subject to be withdrawn from circulation. The proper application and specification of 2D code contents allows for serious and sustainable companies to limit recalls, save costs, and to take responsibility for consumer protection. 

REA VeriCube

Verifier - REA VeriCube
  • High-precision code verification system for 1D and 2D codes
  • Applicable in 3 measuring positions
  • Easy interchangeable, scratch-resistant real glass pane
  • Exchangeable camera modules with different focal lengths


  • High-precision code verification devices for 1D and 2D codes on glossy surfaces as well as complex 3D geometry
  • Diffuse illumination or DOME illumination for extremely diffuse illumination
  • Measurement of directly marked codes (DPM)
  • Contact-free code verification with CMOS camera system

REA VeriMax

Verifier for 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes - REA VERIFIER VeriMax
  • Modern 2D matrix code and 1D barcode verification system
  • Fully integrated into machines and plants
  • Ideal for machanical engineers and OEMs
  • Small dimensions

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