Direct Part Marking

Marking directly on the product

Direct Part Marking or DPM describes the marking with laser, ink or color directly on the product. End products and even the individual parts of a product are traceable, tamper-proof and clearly identifiable over their entire product life thanks to Direct Part Marking. Another benefit is that the workload is reduced. Where type plates or labels were previously used, the marking is now applied just once - for the entire product life cycle.

Direct Part Marking is used in particular in the automotive, electrical, aerospace or medical technology industries. Direct part marking can consist of product information, such as serial numbers, barcodes or 2D codes, as well as part numbers and batches. The special challenge often lies in the reflective surfaces that frequently occur in medical technology. In order to be able to assess the code quality on these highly glossy and reflective surfaces, a special illumination must be used, the so-called diffuse illumination. It allows orientation-independent, stable and repeatable inspection results to be achieved by avoiding possible reflections from the surfaces. 

The REA VeriCube DF is characterized by its diffuse illumination to verify components with reflective and glossy surfaces reliably. The geometry of the object does not matter. Even complex 3D geometries, where there is a risk of shadows being cast in the area or directly on the code to be verified, are reliably verified.

Even more diffuse illumination is achieved with the REA VeriCube DPM. With the integrated DOME illumination, codes can be reliably verified even on highly glossy, reflective and mirror-like surfaces. 

The marking quality of the direct marking is determined by both the REA VeriCube DF and the REA VeriCube DPM according to the DPM test method ISO/IEC TR 29158. Poor first read rates are thus quickly detected and the print quality of the code can be optimized. 


Areas of application

  • Traceability for warranty issues
  • Identification of components
  • Part marking by laser, ink or needle stamping
  • Permanent, captive marking of metal, plastic, rubber, ceramic or glass

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