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REA TransWin 32

REA TransWin 32 ist the central control software to acquire, visualize, store and print verification reports. It can be used on a typical MS Windows operated PC. Several REA VERIFIERs can be connected by standard network cables to a company network and be controlled by one or several REA TransWin installations. REA TransWin can be installed with one license on several PCs.

Software - TransWin 32 - Overview - REA VERIFIER
  • Manages report view, saving, export and printing
  • Complete remote configuration and control of REA verifiers models

REA Product Database

The REA Product Database adds an additional feature to a REA verification device – a database query function. Product numbers that are read are translated into a plain text description. This function allows an increased control of the codes to verify that correct codes are on the packaging material and confirms that the data information (e.g. best before date) matched the print and product number. 

Software - Product Database - Overview - REA VERIFIER Software
  • Additional verification is carried out using database data
  • Each item number is checked against individual data since there is a separate entry in the database for each product

REA ScanLink

ISO standardization defines a clear user data structure which is encodes in different barcodes and data matrix codes. REA ScanLink knows this data structures and provides a detailed analysis. Information about the origin if the code and data fields (item number, data information, lots etc.) are reported. If a code does not incorporate such a data structure then this is highlighted and reported as an error.

Software - TransWin 32 - Overview - REA VERIFIER
  • Optional available software solution for extended standard-compliant code verification
  • Gernerally valid regulations for data structures are specified by ISO standards (ISO/IEC 15459-x)

REA Code Analysis

The REA Code Analysis is an optional software extension for all REA verification devices. In many applications, data is used which is built according to an internally define structure (proprietary data). REA Code Analysis provides these requirements in a table. The code content is thus checked for its correctness.

Software - TransWin 32 - Overview - REA VERIFIER
  • User-specific data structure
  • The process if verification checks then in addition if the proprietary data sequence is properly encoded or not

REA CodeScan App

The REA CodeScan App recognizes PPN codes which are assigned by the organizations IFA and EFPIA for serialization purposes (GS1 NTIN, GS1 GTIN, IFA PPN). QR codes as well as Data Matrix codes containing GTIN or NTIN in accordance with the GS1 standard are also captured. Pharmacological imitations can be identified in the case of printed codes which do not correspond to any validated code logic. The App checks the symbol by taking into account the EFPIA and Securpharm specifications, translates the content in plain text and, in addition, identifies any errors in the data structure. Get your free REA CodeScan App here.

Software - CodeScan App - Overview - REA VERIFIER
  • Code contents are read quickly
  • Simple data check
  • It decrypts and checks the logic and syntax of article number, serial number, batch number, expiration date or production date
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