Laser marking of plastics

In their 5th video the "Marking Professionals on site" take a close look on how to laser mark plastics with color change.

Captive markings on industrial products and components protect against counterfeiting and serve traceability and security. A low-consumption and virtually maintenance-free process for reliable marking is laser marking providing a high-contrast color change: It connects serial numbers, security marks and logos forever to the plastic part because it activates additives in the material itself.

How this works and that this solution can also save costs is demonstrated by REA marking professionals Frank Debusmann (Sales Manager Germany) and Daniel Wege (Business Development Manager) during their visit to AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH in Niederzissen, Rhineland-Palatinate.

The REA partner specializes in plastic compounds. These are special compounds for plastics production. In its development laboratory, AKRO-PLASTIC creates individual combinations of polymers, additives and fillers for its customers. The additives also include materials for laser marking: Without any further effort, they can be incorporated into the plastic compound and activated inline with the focused light of the REA JET FL fiber laser beam immediately after completion of the part - and reproduce any desired marking, also in color.

In addition to various injection molding machines for the production of plastic parts, the Akro laboratory also houses a REA JET fiber laser, which the experts use to determine the optimum marking result. Michael Riek, Business Development Manager at AKRO-PLASTIC, explains to the REA marking professionals how this is done. In the video, one can easily follow how the light spot of the laser marks logos, QR codes and tables on a plastic plate and then a device from the REA Verifier series (VeriCube) checks the quality and legibility of the codes.

Be curious and stay hungry: Next month it will be "deliciously oily" in episode 6.

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