From potato to dumpling dough marked ready for shipment

Seventh video of the series "REA Marking Professionals on Site" is online

The journey of the marking professionals from REA Elektronik continues: For the seventh episode of the video series "Marking Professionals on Site", Frank Debusmann (Sales Director national Coding and Marking Systems) and Daniel Wege (Business Development Manager) went to visit the dumpling dough production in Sachsen.  Their destination: the company Friweika - short for Frische Weidensdorfer Kartoffelprodukte (fresh Weidensdorfer potato products). The video about their visit is online as of today.

Debusmann and Wege are not only experts in various coding and marking technologies - they can also cook dumplings. The two demonstrate their abilities in the Friweika test kitchen: step by step and in a hand-made process, they turn fresh potatoes into delicious dumplings. In the process, Friweika Key Account Manager Dr. Manja Franke tells them and the audience how it works on a large scale in their factory using huge potato washing machines, sorters, cutters, cooking and mixing machines.

The finished dumpling dough is sold in a foil bag. A REA JET direct printing system from REA Elektronik applies important information such as batch number and best-before date to the primary packaging prior to filling. The system was recommended to Friweika by the plant manufacturer, as was the coding and marking system for the ready-to-ship secondary packaging. "Then we added other printing systems from REA JET," reports Dr. Manja Franke. Which coding and marking technologies are used in dumpling dough production and how exactly the dumplings are made can all be seen in the new video of "Marking Professionals on site".

In August, as every month, a new episode of the REA Elektronik video series will go online on REA website. Which destination the "REA Marking Professionals on Site" have chosen for this will not be revealed until August 15.


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