Direct marking of finished tires - High point marking overview - REA JET ST

High Point Marking on finished tires

Definition of Task

  • Vehicle tires on rims are balanced on the conveyor belt and are marked on both sides with 1 to 2 high-to mark the mounting position of the balance weights
  • In the case of steel rims, the weights are mounted at the height of the high-points; in the case of aluminum rims, the balance weights are glued within the rims base

Special Product Specification

  • Replacement of the obsolete dabbing technology (contact marker) by non-contact ST marking
  • The integration of the REA JET spray mark systems in existing equipment is possible without any problems
  • Passing the spray mark head in a position of optimal distance to the tire surface
  • Using different colors in order to differentiate between the balance weights
  • Improving the cleanness of the equipment and ensuring shorter cleaning times because of the precise application of paint by using the REA JET spray mark technology

REA JET Solution

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • In using the non-contact marking, the spray heads are not getting dirty which ensures the reliable marking of the high-points
  • Clean dot quality by constant application of the material
  • Precise flow of the painting material by marking the tires bottom-up (bottom marking)
  • Cost savings by using the cheaper REA spray mark paints
  • Optimized process by reduction of the equipment failure (less customer complaints for unmarked tires)
  • Due to the non-contact marking, the marking through surface irregularities and indentations on the surface of the tire is possible without any problems
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