Coding of injection molded plastic parts - close up - REA JET ST

Injection molded plastic parts

Definition of Task

  • Cosmetic pens have fit tolerances due to production
  • In order to compensate for such tolerances during assembly processes, a small drop of oil is sometimes found to be helpful 
  • The oil also prevents any squeaking during screwing or unscrewing, and makes the pulling-off and secure attachment of the cap easier 

Special Product Specification

  • Oiling takes place at high clock frequency while the product is passing the print head
  • The oil must, however, be applied precisely and exactly targeted to the component surface
  • EDS system can be adjusted to process oils in different viscosities 

REA JET Solution

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • Easy assembly of the touching plastic parts by applying oil 
  • Oil stops squeaking during screwing or unscrewing 
  • Easy fine-adjusting of the amount of oil with the REA JET EDS controller
  • High process reliability due to exact reproducibility of the applied amount of oil
  • No oil contamination at the production line
  • Satisfied customers due to easy fitting and removal of the cap with a “click“ sound
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