Plastic printing of pe foil - close up - REA JET ST

Printing on PE-foil

Definition of Task

  • Color coding of PE-plastic hoses, in which bristles for toothbrushes are bundled up

Special Product Specification

  • For visual identification of the different bristle diameters, the PE-plastic hoses are color coded according to the different bristle thicknesses 
  • Up to 10 color changes per day
  • Depending on the  bristle diameters the color coding is either in red, green, blue, violet, brown, yellow or orange 
  • For optimum visibility the entire length of the hoses (1200 mm / 3.9 feet) are marked with 3 dotted lines at an angle of 120 degrees to each other
  • The hoses pass the three print heads at a speed of 12 m/min (39 feet/min)

REA JET Solution

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • Pigmented type of print heads are used in series which enable the customer to change colors within only 1-2 minutes
  • Marking takes place with 3 EDS marking systems on three positions of the plastic hose
  • Short drying time of the ink of less than 10 sec.
  • By the use of the REA marking system, the marking could be integrated into the production process and has not been carried out manually anymore
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