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Permanent and secure marking of metal and sheet metal

Muehltal, October 23, 2019 - In the digitized and automated world of sheet metal and metal processing, reliable markings are indispensable. At Blechexpo 2019, REA JET will be presenting coding and marking systems that meet all the requirements of modern production - including the single operating concept REA JET TITAN Platform

Metal and sheet metal processing knows all the extremes - from the drafty factory hall to the great heat at a blast furnace, from the rough and dirty production environment to the filigree fine cut, from the oily surface to the 1000 degree hot workpiece. However, the manufactured parts of any condition and size as well as remnants have one thing in common: they must be reliably marked so that people or digital systems can recognize, assign and process them at any time. In addition, batch and date codes, information on material properties, thickness and alloy type are often required for individual traceability. And: brand logos on metal parts promote the corporate image and are a promise of quality for users.

The coding and marking specialist REA JET has a solution for each of these requirements. The flexible systems for contact-free markings are individually adapted to the requirements of the user and fit into his production environment. With the innovative REA JET TITAN Platform, a further advantage of REA JET as a full-range supplier comes to bear: all coding and marking solutions can be controlled with this single operating concept - the employees only need to be trained once and can then operate all REA JET coding and marking systems used in the company with the REA JET TITAN Platform.

High performance on rough and oiled, hot and stressed surfaces
The new generation of the REA JET DOD 2.0 Large Character Inkjet Printer is the fastest and most durable system in its class, delivering sharp prints even in dusty and humid environments, with vibration and strong temperature fluctuations. At speeds of more than 600 m/min, it prints non-absorbent surfaces such as steel tubes or aluminum plates with texts, data or logos that dry just as quickly at a height of 5 to 140 mm per print head - several print heads can be combined for larger marking dimensions. Its module components are quickly replaced, allowing the user of REA JET DOD 2.0 to easily switch between marking tasks, such as different font sizes or a variety of inks in different colors and with special properties.

The REA JET SC 2.0 Small Character Inkjet Printer with CIJ technology prints smooth and non-absorbent metallic surfaces in smaller dimensions, but just as effectively. With a vertical resolution of 48 pixels for up to eight lines, it prints alphanumeric texts, barcodes and 2D matrix codes in the smallest font in all languages and with all international character sets, at shortest drying time. The most compact system in its class is robust, lightweight, of small dimensions and - like all other REA JET systems - can be easily integrated into the existing production environment thanks to state-of-the-art interface technology. 
Where permanent marking of metallic surfaces is desired, the REA JET FL Fiber Laser is used. 

The REA JET HR High Resolution Inkjet Printer prints on surfaces that are difficult to mark with the short drying time and with the best adhesion and legibility. It uses a special process to print information and codes in a white ink mirror. This offers the user every freedom to reliably mark even difficult to identify products with machine-readable codes – and saves him the need to apply labels and the associated logistics and warehousing.

Color markings play an important role in many industrial processes – such as for information about the quality and condition of the product, for production control or colored line marking for tubes, profiles or continuously manufactured goods. The REA JET ST Spray Mark Technology solutions not only enable the precise marking of metallic surfaces with paints and lacquers. By combining several print heads into a single marking block, high texts can also be written point by point - even in areas that are difficult to access and at surface temperatures of up to 1000 degrees Celsius. The REA JET ST systems work flat when applying protective lacquers, primers or process liquids for the pre- or post-treatment of metallic surfaces.  

REA JET at the 14th Blechexpo from November 5th - 8th, 2019 at the Messe Stuttgart: Hall 6, Booth 6301.

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