High resolution printer at K 2019 - REA JET HR

Razor-sharp markings on plastic, rubber and silicone

Muehltal, September 26, 2019 - REA JET will be presenting innovative solutions for the permanent marking of smooth and non-absorbent surfaces at the plastics trade show K 2019. REA JET systems are suitable for industry 4.0 thanks to the latest interfaces and a single operating concept. Low-consumption ink and laser technologies and the REA Bio Cleaner also save resources and the environment.

High-contrast and reliable direct marking of plastics is indispensable in production - for internal process control, clear identification of materials or serialization for complete traceability. Numerous coding and marking technologies on the REA JET K booth illustrate the wide range of products of the full-range supplier and specialists for contact-free direct marking. All systems can be integrated into production via state-of-the-art interfaces and can be controlled with the single operating concept REA JET TITAN Platform.

Even in harsh environments, the REA JET DOD 2.0 Large Character Inkjet Printer prints large-sized markings at speeds of more than 600 m/min. The special ink dries just as quickly even on non-absorbent surfaces. The REA JET DOD 2.0 prints your texts, data or logos at a height of 5 to 140 mm per print head - several print heads can be combined for larger markings. 

Label replacement - high performance on transparent foil

The REA JET HR High Resolution Inkjet Printer also marks surfaces that are difficult to mark with the shortest drying time and optimum adhesion and legibility. He uses a special process to print information and codes in a white ink mirror. This gives the user every freedom to provide even products that are difficult to mark reliably with machine-readable codes. The user does not need to apply labels and the associated logistics and warehousing.

Permanent marking of silicones
REA JET systems can mark rubber and silicone: In combination with laser-sensitive additives from Merck, the REA JET FL Fiber Laser leaves permanent and tamper-proof markings - not on the surface, but in the workpiece itself. On site marked crown corks or bracelets made of silicone will convince visitors of REA JET at the booth. The additives are added to the basic raw material for this purpose. The laser causes its color change with exact energy input. In no time at all, he can even set razor-sharp markings on moving parts, hard-to-reach areas or rough surfaces without changing the material properties of the part. The marking shall remain in place throughout the life of the product.

The REA JET CL Laser System allows the highest printing rate. The CO 2 laser uses engraving, color change or color removal to set its permanent markings on rubber and plastics, glass and wood. Its maintenance and consumable-free technology makes it an attractive alternative to many other marking technologies.

The REA JET SC 2.0 Small Character Inkjet Printer works in smaller dimensions - but just as quickly and effectively on smooth, non-absorbent surfaces. The most compact system in its class prints foils, laminates and other plastics. In all languages and with all international character sets, it prints fast-drying alphanumeric texts, barcodes and 2D codes.

If you can't do without ink or paint, you'll have to clean it sometime. The new REA JET BC-1 400 Bio Cleaner liquefies even dried inks, paints and primers from other manufacturers in an environmentally friendly way. The Bio Cleaner is non-flammable and exempts from the marking requirement. He reduces solvent consumption and is particularly interesting for companies with high standards of cleanliness and safety who also want to be health and environmentally conscious.

REA JET at the plastics trade show K 2019 from 16 to 23 October 2019 in the Duesseldorf Exhibition Centre: Hall 4, Booth A08.

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