Tube 2022: Reliable marking turns tubes into unique products

REA JET shows its program diversity for contact-free direct marking at Tube 2022

Mühltal, May 31, 2022 - Whether made of red-hot metal, recently extruded plastic or poured concrete - reliable marking makes tubes and pipes unique, identifiable and traceable. At Tube 2022, REA will present its low-consumption and resource-saving solutions and systems for contact-free, industrial coding and marking of tubes and pipes, as well as labeling solutions.

No matter what material they are made of, pipes and pipeline elements need markings that are connected to them reliably - by laser if necessary and that last a lifetime. Machine-readable codes that can also be serialized guide them safely through internal logistics and serve subsequent traceability. Quality seals, quality labels and manufacturer logos create reliability and trust - and protect against plagiarism. REA JET, the product line from REA Elektronik for contact-free, industrial coding and marking, does all this. The labeling technology solutions of the REA LABEL product line are used wherever marking is required but direct labeling of the product is not desired or possible. At Tube 2022, the REA Marking Professionals will present their range of reliable solutions and concepts for high-contrast and secure marking on the outside and inside, making tubes, pipes, cables and wire ropes unique. The trade show highlights at a glance

Large marking outside and inside with the REA JET DOD 2.0
The REA JET DOD 2.0 Large Character Inkjet Printer marks smooth, absorbent, oiled and even scaled pipe surfaces with alphanumeric characters, logos and 2D matrix codes. With its fast-drying and pigmented special inks, it provides highly legible and durable marking at speeds of up to 600 meters per minute. It converts data received from the production control computer into serialized plain text and 2D codes in real time, making each marking unique and each tube one-of-a-kind. And even in the harshest environments, the fastest and longest-lasting inkjet printer in its class reliably prints large markings on the outside of the tube - and on the inside of the rotating tube from an inner diameter of 200 mm. It prints data and logos in sizes from 5 to 140 mm with a single print head - for larger print layouts, multiple print heads can be combined.

One for all: the REA JET TITAN Operating Platform
REA JET coding and marking systems adapt to the individual needs of customers and can be flexibly integrated into production via state-of-the-art interfaces. As diverse as they and their applications are: All REA JET Systems can be operated with the uniform REA JET TITAN Platform. This makes integration into existing systems even easier, saves time and money by reducing training requirements, and lowers the error rate. The uniform operating system for all REA JET Systems also simplifies personnel deployment.

New: Permanent HR marking with etching ink
REA JET HR Inkjet Printers place high resolution markings on absorbent and also non-absorbent surfaces. Depending on the motif size, up to four print heads can be combined and set markings up to 50.8 millimeters high.

A trade show innovation from REA JET makes the markings on metallic surfaces completely captive: etching ink sets a chemical process in action and embeds the marking in the metal. Alphanumeric texts and logos, as well as variable information such as date, time, counters, shift codes and database content, remain linked to the pipe for its entire product life.

First time at the Tube: the REA JET FL laser safety enclosure
The REA JET FL Fiber Laser applies its tamper-proof and permanent markings to tube surfaces made of metal and plastic. Captive marking with light is particularly in demand when the marking must be clearly readable throughout the entire life cycle of the tubes, even under extreme conditions.

The REA JET FL laser safety enclosure, which can be individually configured, will be on display at the Tube for the first time. With its extremely versatile concept and equipped with autofocus function, the laser processing cabin enables solutions ranging from stand-alone manual workstations to fully automated, networked marking stations for batch sizes from 1 to infinity. Any parameter can be defined according to the customer's needs, from the dimension of the process enclosure to laser power, placement of the marking field and material supply and removal - all at the price of a series product.

REA has a special souvenir for visitors to the Tube: metal drinking straws marked with the laser.

Nothing is too hot for it: the REA JET ST Spray Mark Technology
Color markings play an important role in pipe production - as dot markings for marking defects, lines for indicating weld seams, and colored ring markings for distinguishing pipe types. With colored lines along the entire product, spray mark heads also mark wire ropes. REA JET ST Spray Mark Technology applies precise markings to metallic surfaces with a variety of marking colors and lacquers. With a spray mark block consisting of several spray mark heads, it can print texts up to 700 mm high - dot by dot. Hot-signing and annealing inks also hold securely on surfaces up to 1,000 degrees hot.

Visit REA JET at Tube 2022, the world's leading trade fair for the tube and pipe processing industry, from June 20 to 24, 2022 at Messe Dusseldorf: Hall 6, Booth 6C19.

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