ACHEMA: Product marking and code verification from a single source

REA Elektronik at ACHEMA 2022, World's Leading Trade Fair for Process Technology

Mühltal, July 25, 2022 - Product and packaging identification in pharmaceutical, chemical and medical technology must fit into the production process, be captive in the result and, above all, meet a wide variety of global requirements. At ACHEMA 2022, the manufacturing pharmaceutical and chemical technology and process industry will find competent contacts for this in the experts from REA Elektronik. From the REA JET, REA LABEL and REA VERIFIER product lines, they develop precisely tailored solutions for correct code generation, captive marking and application, and reliable inspection in accordance with ISO standards, among others.

What UFI is for the identification of formulations, UDI is for medical devices. The obligatory serial number of each prescription drug, together with a database query and charge-off when the drug is handed over, protects against counterfeiting. By means of article numbers such as the GTIN, NTIN or PPN, products can be identified worldwide. Pharmaceuticals and medical devices for the Japanese market must be marked with their own unique code, the GS1 DataBar Composite. Due to its size and characteristics, marking with this code is very challenging and requires high quality and process reliability. Regardless of the purpose for which the pharmaceutical, chemical, and medical device industries mark their goods themselves or their primary or secondary packaging, they must be able to rely on the fact that the technology can be integrated into production without interruption, that the marking contains all the necessary information, adheres permanently to the substrate, and is also clearly readable for as long as it is needed.

GS1 Solution Partner and participation in standards committees
Companies of all sizes in the national and international chemical, pharmaceutical and medical device industries trust the coding and marking specialist REA Elektronik for high-quality marking of their products. Its experts sit on a number of standards committees and incorporate this knowledge into the three product lines that are developed and produced in Germany: REA JET for contact-free marking with inks and lasers, REA LABEL for labeling technology, and REA VERIFIER for reliable inspection of matrix codes and barcodes. From code development to the selection of the right technology for the application, its connection to higher-level systems from which it obtains the print data or via which it is controlled, to code verification - for all requirements, REA has the know-how, the hardware and software, and the necessary partners to help companies meet their obligations. As a GS1 Solution Partner, REA Elektronik develops individual solutions for a variety of industries for the generation and application of the code for the worldwide identification of almost any product.

International companies need the flexibility to configure and design fonts, barcodes and Data Matrix codes. With full support for Unicode and TrueType Fonts (TTF) from REA printing systems, they can meet the marking requirements of global markets. And with the REA JET TITAN Platform, they have an operating concept that provides uniform control of all REA JET Coding and Marking Solutions. Its connection to label software on the market, such as Loftware (formerly NiceLabel), also facilitates process updates and product changes.

A large section of the wide REA spectrum
Visitors to ACHEMA 2022 will see a large section of REA Elektronik's wide range of different coding and marking systems (with ink, laser and label) as well as verification technologies that optimally meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The REA JET HR Inkjet Printers, for example, mark folding boxes efficiently, quickly, reliably and in the highest quality. The REA JET CL CO2 lasers mark captively by removing ink from a dark-printed surface to produce a code and plain text. For curved surfaces and/or materials such as glass or metal, the REA JET SC 2.0 Small Character Inkjet Printer is at its best. Up to eight lines of plain text can be printed to provide detailed information on the product.

To demonstrate the performance spectrum, various systems are installed in a robot cell with a gripper arm from Kawasaki. This is used as an example to demonstrate the marking of a folding box with final code verification. The marking is carried out successively with the REA JET HR Inkjet Printer and the ink-removing REA JET CL CO2 Laser. Finally, code verification is performed without interruption on the fly with the REA VeriMax Inline. To show the performance of the REA LABEL ES Label Dispensers, the inspection result (pass or fail) is printed on a label. The label is applied to the folding box for subsequent confirmation of the code quality. 

Code quality verification is a must in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries (UDI/MDR). REA VERIFIER's portfolio of code verification systems verifies the optimal readability as well as the correct structure of 1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes in a variety of situations - regardless of the systems used to print, mark or apply them.

The versatile REA VeriCube in its DPM (Direct Part Marking) version for verifying codes on highly reflective surfaces such as UDI marking on glossy surgical instruments, the REA ScanCheck 3 for fast and powerful verification of barcodes, for example on primary packaging or even labels of secondary packaging, as well as the REA VeriMax Mobile with tablet for flexible and mobile code verification will be among the products on display at ACHEMA.

Visit REA at ACHEMA, the world's leading trade fair for process technology, from August 22 to 26, 2022 in Frankfurt am Main: Hall 03.1, Booth C-048.

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