Ink supply in a different way - REAZZOTTI machine - Close up

Trainees proudly present their project work at REA's summer festival

The trainees in the mechatronics department undergo a highly interesting education at REA Elektronik. In addition fascinating internal projects complete the versatile topics. Trainees can get fully involved with enthusiasm and contribute their own ideas to everyday training schedule. For example Roman Köbel and Marcel Theil, both are in their fourth year of apprenticeship as mechatronics engineer. Both have implemented a challenging trainee project with enthusiasm and ambition and proudly presented the result to the whole staff at REA’s summer festival last Friday.

The task was as follows: An ink supply for coding and marking systems had to be combined with a linear motion device, light barrier, converted print head and corresponding control in such a way that alcoholic beverages could be poured out precisely with the entire system.

Roman and Marcel took up the challenge and constructed a quite special system, the so-called REAZZOTTI machine, under the supervision of their training manager Patrick Steinbrück and with the support of Nils Schäfer CNC milling machine specialist. In this machine you will not find coding and marking ink, but an alcoholic culinary delight, which will be served in glasses. In addition to the filling level selection 2cl or 4cl, a further special feature is that REAZZOTTI detects wheatear a glass is under the converted print head or not. No liquor spill.

From the project planning, the construction, the material selection, the production of the components, partly with the CNC controlled milling machine, the assembling to the installation and documentation both trainees together completed their project step by step. The result was presented at this year's summer festival and caused great enthusiasm. Equipped with blue LEDs and a digital display board, the machine was illuminated in the company CI colors and was a real eye-catcher at the festival.

Our junior mechatronics engineers not only gained valuable experience in practical project work, but also learned to work as a team and to think out of the box with the entire range of expertise in the field of mechatronics.

We are particularly proud of the skills and results of our trainees! After successful completion of their apprenticeship Marcel and Roman will be offered a permanent employment contract at REA. The boys are on the home stretch, we keep up fingers crossed for a successful completion of their training.

Further impressions at REA's summer festival

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