REA Coding and Marking Technology revolutionizes work on the shell of a building

Automated measurement of walls and building technology - robots and Large Character Inkjet Printers make it possible

In the architect's plan, all important points, such as the floor plan of the building and the location of all necessary connections for the building technology, are drawn to scale. Previously, this information had to be transferred directly to the screed on site using tape measures, chalk lines and surveying equipment, which was very time-consuming and could lead to inaccuracies and errors. This no longer has to be the case.

A new start-up company from the USA, Rugged Robotics, offers a solution to automate the process of measuring. Mobile robots move across the screed and use marking techniques from REA to transfer architects' plan drawings directly onto the concrete floor. This eliminates the need for measuring tapes and chalk lines. Structural engineers thus know directly where, for example, cavity walls are to be placed. In addition, the entire technical infrastructure such as pipes, power lines and water pipes can be mapped. To mark the floor plan, the robot systems are equipped with Large Character Inkjet Printers (REA JET DOD 2.0).

The controller and the 32-nozzle print head are mounted on the robot and mark the relevant information directly on the concrete floor in a contact-free manner. The 32-nozzle print head can be used to achieve 1-5 line markings from 5 to 140 mm high. The system is ideal because the proven printing system reliably marks even under extreme environmental conditions such as dust and vibrations. It hardly gets any smarter than this.

The result is accurate marking of floor plans with the addition of other information that is normally only included in the site plan. This drastically reduces the time needed for matching with the construction plans and avoids possible oversights and errors that could affect multiple trades and lead to faulty installations, delays and rework.

A modern technology that will revolutionize the construction industry.

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