Wood printer for a stack of timber - 7 print heads - REA JET DOD

Printing on a Stack of Timber

Definition of Task

  • The side of a stack of timber has to be marked with a logo in the size of 700 x 1200 mm

Special Product Specification

  • Customer is expecting a print height of 700 mm
  • Flexible logo design
  • Smooth print surface
  • Stack of timber passes the print heads at a speed of 20 m/min
  • Coding system has to bear heavy vibration since the wood stacks sometimes hit the deflector 

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • Elimination of errors and saving of time by avoiding manual labour (stencils and paint roller)
  • REA JET PrintCommander graphic software for flexible logo design
  • Seven print heads are arranged in a series to reach a print height of 700 mm, with 100 mm for each print head
  • With the REA JET Large Character Inkjet Printer the logo printing takes place without stopping the production line
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