Digital printing for unique gaming codes - close up - REA JET HR pro

Printing of Gaming Codes on Wet Glue Labels

Definition of Task

  • Print a unique gaming code up to 20 digit on the back side of beer bottle labels
  • Guarantee that every code is printed only once per print job
  • REA software is used to track the used/printed gaming codes

Special Product Specification

  • High performance data transfer of the gaming codes from the database to the HR pro controller
  • Print speed at 150 m ~ 500 ft/min
  • 23 prints/second
  • Resolution: 180 dpi
  • Label distance: 115 mm/ ~ 4.5 inch
  • Ambient air heavily loaded with paper dust

REA JET Solution

  • REA JET HR pro 2K - High resolution inkjet printer (8x), 16 print heads
  • REA JET Promotion Software für gaming-applications: Database driven software to print variable data such as gaming codes
  • 16 HR print heads mounted on a rail with locking levers for comfortable width adjustment of paper reels
  • Ink: Black Eagle, Chip

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • Extremely fast assignment of variable data from database including checking for duplicates
  • Highly reliable single print operational safety (each single gaming code is printed only once)
  • Marking system in compliance with requested print speed
  • Graphical user interface to create print jobs and system configuration
  • Maintenance free printing technology
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