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Mountain Biking & Bike Leasing at REA

We love sports! In addition to our own sports club, we offer our employees a wide range of sports activities: from table tennis over swimming lessons or discounted memberships in fitness studios to motorsports. There is almost everything the sportsman's heart desires.

Sport makes you fit, is fun and strengthens the bond!

The weekly mountain bike tour has become a fixed date. Come rain or shine - colleagues of all ages and fitness levels come together and tour through the local Odenwald region. Here counts fun and the mutual success - not the pace.

A special offer for all employees is the bicycle leasing: Every employee has the possibility to lease a bike via REA. This methods and conditions are similar to the 1% regulation for leasing a company car. Additionally, REA grants a subsidy of 20 % on the leasing rate. A clever alternative for anyone who likes to cycle, because the bike can also be used privately.

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