Steel printing of steel welded tubes - overview - REA JET DOD

Steel Tube Marking

Definition of Task

  • Large diameter welded steel tubes from 10 to 45 cm are continuously marked with a single line of text in a character height of 48 mm with logos and production data

Special Product Specification

  • About 8 to 10 seconds after the coding process takes place the pipes pass a fluid curtain. This liquid is a cooling agent with chemicals added which first cools the still hot weld seam of the pipe and secondly protects the steel surface from rust
  • The coding and marking process takes place in a typical steel industry environment which has high humidity and a higher level of dirt and air born particulates

REA JET Solution

Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • Tubes pass by the print head at a speed of approx. 30 m/min
  • REA printer system is independently mounted on a special stand provided by REA to minimize the vibration to the print head and controller
  • White pigmented ink is used which delivers a high contrast and very legible code on the steel tube
  • Ink dries within three seconds marking on warm pipes at approximately 25 degree Celsius
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