Typical appearance of many continuous inkjet applications: Highly solvent-based consumables, ink contamination often unavoidable, print quality according to technological restrictions

"That´s the way it´s always been"

Unfortunately, we still hear this killer phrase all too often. And there is no objection to the proven, working and thought through to the end. But that “the better” can also be the enemy of “the good” should also have gotten around.

What is at issue?
In short, it's all about the contact-free marking of countless products with Continuous Inkjet Technology (CIJ), which has been proven over decades.

According to our market observation, about 50% of all applications are correctly equipped with this technology. And for the other 50% there are simply much better alternatives available since a few years! Technologies that can bring new momentum to your process of "continuous improvement".

But what does "better" mean? In our opinion less often is more! More advantages, more possibilities, more chances, less effort, less pollution. That's what it's all about!

  • less, or no solvents at all in best case
  • less health risk 
  • no smell pollution
  • less fire risk in production and warehouse
  • no ink spots and dirt
  • environmentally friendly coding and marking
  • zero maintenance
  • no service contracts
  • more high resolution instead of low resolution, more 2D code capability
  • more coding and marking quality 
  • more speed
  • more flexibility through fast ink change

Not everywhere, but for about 50% of your CIJ applications we qualify better, more modern, cost-effective and more sustainable solutions and this in all industries.

And that´s the way it´s always been with REA.

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