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Code Verification

Late Stage Customization - Enhanced competitiveness with REA JET hybrid print
"Late Stage Customization - Enhanced competitiveness with REA JET hybrid print"
The trend in the printing industry is towards ever smaller batch size and... (more)

Today, almost all products in modern life have coded information; manufacturer information, production identification, price, article numbers and much more, which are translated into barcodes and 2D codes. These must be error-free, quick and reliably scanned at the cash register in retail marketing and in a number of points along the operational goods and merchandise logistics line.

Problems in production and logistic processes are caused by subtle, manually fast unrecognizable print errors. A consequential quality control of the code print and the data content helps avoid cost and risk of errors later on.

With the REA VERIFIER Systems, the optimal readability and the correct layout of barcodes, matrix codes, stacked or even combined optical codes can be tested. Either according to the international norms or on the basis of user-specific requirements.

Additionally, even content information (expiration dates, batch numbers, dates for traceability and quality control) and the compliance with the necessary data structure in the codes can be tested.

In spite of the complex subject matter of standardized and worldwide uniform testing methods, the use and evaluation of the REA VERIFIER is very simple.

For over 25 years REA has developed, manufactured and sold equipment (Verifier) and software programs for testing and evaluating the legibility of printed and directly marked codes.

REA provides suitable equipment to meet various requirements and code types and the associated technical support. REA develops and manufactures the entire Verifier technology at the company headquarters, south of Frankfurt am Main.

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